How Many Frozen Yogurt Flavours Have You Tried Recently?

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Many of you will not be able to remember a time when the only flavours of ice cream which were available in most places were the vanilla, the chocolate or the strawberry flavours. Anything else was still a few years away and when new flavours arrived they were thought to be exotic and strange. This is not the case with frozen yoghurt and frozen yoghurt UK stores now sell a wide range of frozen yogurt flavours.

The frozen yogurt franchise which we visit on a regular basis has machines which dispense 8 different frozen yogurt flavours at a time but the beauty of it is that these flavours are change on a regular basis. This means that one week you can try one flavour and then the next time you go there will be new flavours for you to try. In this way you can get an idea of what you like and then stick with them when they are available. Let's not forget the way that you can mix and match the various different flavours in new and exciting combinations. In this way you can get even more tasty variations.

Then consider the way that you can add so many different toppings each time and you will find that you really are spoilt for choice. Since I have now visited the place a few times I have tried at least 15 different frozen yogurt flavours and I now know exactly what I like. My favourite at the moment is three parts blueberry frozen yogurt and one part mulberry frozen yogurt topped with a pear half and toffee crunch. It is a delicious treat which I like to enjoy every couple of weeks and as long as I am aware of the fact that there are plenty of calories within this dessert it is no big deal.

This is where the problem lies, in the fact that most people see frozen yoghurt as a healthier alternative to many other types of desserts. While it is true that there is less fat, often no fat in the frozen yogurt, this does not mean that there are no calories or that it is healthy. The rule to follow is to think of it as an ice cream and have the same amount that you would if you were watching the calories. There are so many different ways to enjoy frozen yoghurt and one of the latest is the frozen yogurt bars.

These frozen yogurt bars are packaged and sold in the same way that ice cream is presented. You get so many different flavours to choose from and some of these are covered in chocolate. Although you do have the choice of standard frozen yogurt bars and frozen yogurt flavours, there are also the organic and low sugar versions available. All of this means that you can now enjoy a dessert which is tasty, low in fat, comes in many flavours and combinations and is also readily available in most shops and restaurants.

Weston reviews about Frozen Yogurt Flavours and says that Like regular yoghurt, frozen yoghurt can be a healthy accompaniment to a meal and is very good for your health.

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